Thursday, November 30

Lenny Joins the Fold

The Sonics announced today that Lenny Wilkens is now their Vice Chairman (credit to for noticing this first).

Of note in the team's press release, "[Wilkens] will also continue as lead analyst on Sonics’ telecasts aired by Fox Sports Net."

Sorry, fans, you're going to have to endure some more of Lenny's ancient ramblings on how to play the game, except that now he knows he can't be fired.


Anonymous said...

I wonder how Bob Hill feels about this. Has there ever been a head coach who liked having another head coach - one who ostensibly wants to work again - in any capacity on the team? It's bad enough for Hill that Lenny was hanging around the games as a commentator, but now he's part of the front office, for crying out loud.

Anonymous said...

Lenny is big-time and knows the game. He may be ancient, but he's worth listening to.

Anonymous said...

A story about advance scouts and the Sonics on the Seattle Weekly blog ends like this....

"One interesting tidbit from their patter: on more than one occasion, the sets the Sonics ran elicited laughs from my quartet of neighbors. Not a good sign."


From if any of you don't know about that site.

Go Supes!


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