Saturday, March 3

Allen's Status Still Up in the Air

Looks as though Friday's CT scan of Ray Allen's ankle didn't give all the answers the doctors had been expecting, so we'll all have to wait until Monday to see if he'll suit up again this season.

According to and Frank Hughes at the TNT, Allen will visit a foot specialist on Monday to determine what if anything should be done to alleviate the pain he's feeling from a bone spur. Also, he'll be a game-time decision for the Sunday game with Charlotte.

Obviously, the prudent thing to do is let Ray have surgery as soon as possible, freeing him up for recovery in time for next season. Still, you have to admire Allen's tenacity in the face of the pain. According to Ray, he's been in pain for most of the season, yet in spite of that he's managed to make the All-Star team, lead the team in points, and basically be the best shooting guard in team history (not to mention his unreal January when he put up 30 points on a regular basis).

Basically, what I'm trying to say is that I was totally wrong when I said the Sonics shouldn't sign Allen to a long-term deal. The guy is tougher than he would seem at first blush, and his defensive shortcomings aside, if the Sonics are going to pay somebody $15 mil a year to play shooting guard, I can't think of too many other players I'd rather give it to.


Anonymous said...

agreed 100%

great post

Anonymous said...

ray has been playing through it for about 5 months, beside when he sat out. it just finally caught up with him