Tuesday, March 27

Sonics Dominate in 4th Quarter; Pope Announces Conversion to Judaism

Yes, you read that box score correctly. The Sonics dominated a 4th quarter and THEY were the team that rallied from behind.

Earl Watson and Rashard Lewis were the keys to victory, especially EW's 24 points off the bench. And who would have guessed that Mike Wilks would get nearly as many minutes (17) as Luke Ridnour (24)?

Add it all up, and the Sonics seem bound and determined to get the 7th pick in the draft this year. For one night, though, it all seems oddly worthwhile.

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Anonymous said...

How sad is it when you can't even lose properly? Pathetic.

If Rashard leaves, the franchise will take years to recover. But hey, at least he helped them win an extra 10 games and stay out of the Oden/Durant Sweepstakes.