Friday, March 30


From Ian Thomsen's column on SI:

Sam Presti: The Spurs' young hotshot assistant GM is already being rumored as a candidate to run the Sonics, should new owner Clay Bennett decide to clean house in Seattle.

Here's his bio from the Spurs' web site. I'm not sure if I read it correctly; was he 29 years old when they hired him in 2000 (making him 35 now), or is he 29 now, meaning he was 23 when they hired six years ago?

Either way, he's young, he's been trained by the Spurs, and he's not Rick Sund. Win, win, win.


Anonymous said...

I read RC Buford was a candidate as well for the Sonics' job. I don't know anything about this new guy, but Buford's record with the Spurs speaks for itself. If you add in his connections with Bennett, it seems like he'd be a logical candidate.

Of course, then you gotta wonder who Buford would hire as coach...please, God, not PJ Carlesimo!!!

Anonymous said...

He is indeed 29 years old. Knows the arcane salary cap rules backwards and forwards.

Would teams stop poaching the Spurs' FO talent?