Wednesday, March 7

Goodbye, Basement

Ah, the sweet, sweet smell of fourth place. Eat our dust, Portland, we're moving on up.

Okay, it's really not that big of deal, but still, in a season that has been one step out of the depths of hell, passing our hated rivals from the Beaver State is about all Sonics fans have to enjoy.

Crazy win last night; the Sonics made more 3's than free throws, Watson and Marbury combined to hit 14 of 19 from 3-point range, and Johan Petro Hendersoned Chris Wilcox (and we can all agree, Coach K was not to blame this time).

In fact, with a Sonic win tonight and a Golden State loss to the Nuggets (both unlikely, but, hey, it's possible), the Sonics would climb to within a couple of percentage points of the Warriors.

One problem in that scenario is the Sixers, who haven't played since Sunday and are riding a four-game win streak. And before you start making snide remarks about quality of opponents, note that included in those four wins are games against Phoenix, Sacto, and the Nets. Andre Iguodala has been huge for Philly, posting McGrady-like numbers in '07, and Lewis is going to have to work hard to shut him down. With Joe Smith and Kyle Korver coming off the bench, the Sonics won't be in for an easy evening tonight.

Even factoring in the high of Tuesday's win, I'd still expect the Sixers to win tonight. Call it 101-89, Philly.


Anonymous said...

I know we're gunning for the playoffs, but it's killing me that Gelabale isn't getting any time. It's really unfair to expect him to develop when he gets 3 minutes or less of PT. Plus, isn't Allen supposed to be getting fewer minutes in anticipation of his surgery? Last night he played 43, and Gelly got 0. Would it kill Hill to play Allen 5 fewer minutes?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back to the cellar! We knew you'd return.


Anonymous said...

If you all want a depressing stat...

Seattle's away record: 7-23

The Celtics, Eastern Conference pariah, away record: 7-22

We're playing them tonight at Boston. It'd be nice if we could have a road record that was a little better than the freaking Celts.