Friday, November 9

Stern and Bennett: Get a room!

"I now pronounce you Duke of Douchebagia!"

The Love fest continues.

As Nussbaum pointed out earlier, NBA commish David "Step Stool" Stern and Sonics Stealer Clay "Big Boy" Bennett have been rather chummy of late. The Stern One even took time out from his busy schedule of crushing the dreams of children to bestow some sort of evil medallion on the over-stuffed Okie.

Ain't love sweet?

Honestly, has there ever been a more disgusting pair of evil doers? OK, besides those guys. This whole thing has got me this close to tuning out the NBA for good. Where's the ABA when you need 'em?

At least Art Thiel hasn't given up hope. My favorite Seattle sports scribe was on KPLU this morning and talked about how the Sonics might stay in town after all.

Make up your mind, peoples — I'm dying here!


Anonymous said...

I say: enjoy the NBA while the going is good. For some prospective, read this article in Rolling Stone: This was written over two years ago, and so far everything is falling in line exactly as predicted by 'peak oil' folks. Crude has doubled. Mexico has 9 years left of production. The Saudis could go bust any day now. US production continues to fall. Factor in climate change impact on the food supply--as there has been significant crop failures this year leading to the biggest rise in food costs since the great depression--and the crazy die of honey bees--and the ongoing drought that's finally playing itself out in the southeast (soon to change the face of the entire western US). And where does the NBA fit in all this? Professional sports represents the cream of disposable income in modern economies. As gas costs, food costs, energy costs, and the costs of about everything in your life go up, at some point there'll be shift in spending priorities. Maybe the only people who can afford to go to games will be the players.

But no reason to get depressed. We still have until 2012 before the Mayan calendar ends.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, everyone knows that 25% of the world's oil reserves are located in Michael Cage's hair. All we have to do is start drilling and we could solve the world's energy problems in 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Oh, please, everyone knows that 25% of the world's oil reserves are located in Michael Cage's hair. All we have to do is start drilling and we could solve the world's energy problems in 10 minutes.

Anonymous said...

Possible Sonics Team Names If They Move to Oklahoma City

Anonymous said...

A reference to doomsday mixed in with a comment on Michael Cage's ol' Jheri curl hairstyle equals an entertaining read for me.

In other news, the price of gold is rising in concurrence with the dwindling American Dollar.

The U.S. is, without a doubt, ripe for another economic depression.

Dave said...

Just bought my 5 tickets to nosebleed-up this game. Any chance of getting chants started? How about if we set a time:

At the 6minute mark of the 2nd quarter chant it up people:

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Dave. 6 minute mark it is.


BenOren said...

But what about the Storm!

Anonymous said...

"Duke of Douchebagia". As wise man named Homer Simpson once said, "It's funny because it's true. Couldn't help laughing out loud at that one.

Mike Barer said...

David Stern was happy to take credit when the NBA was thriving in the 80s and early 90s. I don't see him in any hurry to take the blame for the current mess that is the NBA. Remember the world champions of the NBA were until recently, the same city who had the Seattle Mariners AA farm club team.

Anonymous said...

We should save the chants for the nationally televised games. We have a lot of them this year. That way, the chanting won't get tiresome and people won't stop doing it.

Paul said...

I agree, Mike. I think Stern was just in the right place at the right time. I mean, how could you NOT be successful with Bird, Magic and Jordan? He didn't have anything to do with the great teams in those cities. People were tuning in to watch great basketball, and sadly, with all the expansion teams spreading the talent too thin, it's just not the same league anymore.

Anonymous said...

A.B. said...

That is a truly excellent picture.

Unknown said...

It is great to see all the national media slamming Bennett and Stern and the move. Two brutal articles on espn and now si;

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