Monday, September 29

Kemp Says Ciao

As you no doubt have read by now, Shawn Kemp's return to professional basketball ended before it began, as the Sonic legend was waived by Premiata Montegranaro this weekend.

Kemp's letter to the club is on the team's website, but it's not too illuminating as to what caused the breakup. His written reason is "personal problems" back home in Houston, but the smart money is more on the physical conditioning of the Reignman more than anything else.

But if you think about it, in a year where the Sonics were ripped from this city with the delicacy of a frontal lobotomy, is it any surprise that one of our heroes falls short as well? What's next, a story revealing that Jack Sikma curled his hair in the lockerroom before games? That Slick Watts was never really "slick" at all? That Gus Williams was not really a wizard, but merely a sorceror's apprentice?


Anonymous said...

Sure has been alot of space devoted here to this flake supreme. My hero worship of Kemp ended in 1997 when he forced his way off of the team. Funny that while he was a Sonic he constantly bitched about being underpaid, then after he leaves he goes on to become one of the most blatantly overpaid players in the game by the time he suited up in Portland.

haizman_brain said...

Anon- It's hard to disagree with your observations, but at least the Kemper was an open advocate of trying to keep the Sonics in Seattle. He does have a vested interest in preserving the memory of his "productive" years with the team, if only for egotistical reasons.