Wednesday, September 24

Kemp Update

It’s been a bit since we updated you on Shawn Kemp’s activities in Italy, as the most legendary player in Sonic history continues his comeback after a five-year absence from professional basketball.

Unfortunately, there still isn’t too much to tell.

Kemp's new team, Premiata Montegranaro, just completed a tournament in Scafati this weekend(they went 0 for 2), but while fellow American Bryce Taylor (Go Ducks!) suited up and scored 26 points in two games, Kemp did not make it onto the court in either game, despite warming up before the game.

It’s difficult to get much information as to what is going on over there (any SuperSonicSoul readers in Italy want to shed some light on this situation?), but considering that there is YouTube evidence of Kemp warming up at another Premiata game (or is it a practice?), his debut must be imminent.

But put that on the back burner for now, for we have a press conference to pore over, with all sorts of enjoyable bits of information to digest.

Picture the scene in your mind – Kemp, surrounded by a gallery of 5’9” men with dark, curly hair, gesticulating at him while they shout questions in a language he cannot comprehend. There’s a poorly made Billy Crystal movie in their somewhere I think …

Back to the press conference. I’ll forgive you for not reading over the lengthy details, and provide you a quick recap of what Kemp, and his fellow conferencees had to say.

- It appears jersey numbers typically only go up to #20 in the Italian leagues, but Premiata was able to get a special exemption for the Reign Man to wear #40.

- In response to a question to his being “discriminated” against by NBA teams because of his weight, Kemp provided a thoughtful answer: “I do not know if they discriminated me but I think I personally, I think I've put myself in bad, bad positions.”

- The Mayor of Porto San Giorgio makes the suggestion for Kemp to live in his town, because it is “full of the fish” and “you do not gain weight eating fish.” At this point, the Mayor was escorted from the table by two gentlemen named Luigi and Bruno.

- From Kemp: “I do not know whether to buy a house in Porto San Giorgio but I can promise you that buy another Ferrari before leaving . I love the sea, the view of the ocean. There are so many differences with the U.S. beaches ... some of which are highly polluted, crowded and then see this sea is spectacular. I look forward to here in the future, my family, my wife and my children to see him Montegranaro.”

- Kemp’s answer prompted this question from Andrea Tosi of La Gazzetta dello Sport.
Tosi: How many kids? How many kids? Quanti figli?
Kemp: I got 3 boys at home.

Let’s just leave it at that.


Anonymous said...

Oh Reign Man, Nobody do the Voodoo like you do!

Anonymous said...

I'm not that far from Italy and I will try to make the trip to see the Reign Man.