Tuesday, September 9

Sonic Sons

You've no doubt heard about Shawn Kemp's son, Shawn Kemp Jr., developing into a high-level NCAA prospect. But you may not have heard about some other offspring of former Sonics. Here's a brief list:

Former Sonics’ Children

Corey Hawkins (Hersey’s son): 6’2” combo guard has agreed to play for Arizona State, where he will be teammates with …

Jamelle McMillan (Nate’s son): a 6’1” guard from O’Dea. McMillan started 16 games for ASU last year. ASU has also tentatively made an offer to Kendall Gill's daughter Gary Payton's goldfish.

Shawn Kemp Jr.: 6’9” forward has impressed scouts (he graduates in 2009), and has received offers from Kentucky, Bama, Georgia, Cincy, Ole Miss, UW, and Indiana.

Aaron Pierce (Ricky’s son): A special agent with the US Secret Service, assigned to the detail of guard President David Palmer.

Ashley Ellis (Dale’s daughter): Entering her second year at USC on the tennis team.

Sedale Threatt Jr.: After starring at Lehigh as a quarterback, Threatt has yet to latch on in the NFL or CFL.

Quintin Dailey: After being considered by Iowa State, Dailey has signed on to play with Sheridan College in Sheridan, Wyoming.


Anonymous said...

Excellent stuff--thanks for the updates! I find it particularly comforting to have Ricky's son keeping us safe. You can always count on a Pierce to be willing to take a shot--be it for the game or the president.

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