Wednesday, October 15

The More Things Change ...

Fantastic photo at Ball Don't Lie of Kevin Durant and PJ .... well, you just have to see it for yourself:

J.E. Skeets is soliciting captions for the picture, with the winner to run tomorrow, so get your creative juices flowing. There are a million possibilities, but my contribution would have to be:
Carlesimo: Charlie Brown Adult Voice
Durant: Okay, so if I opt out after 2011, that makes 1,050 more days of his crap. Wait, is there a leap year next year?


Anonymous said...

"Stop looking up at your numbers. If you'd drive to the hoop once in awhile, you might be able to get your shooting up above 30%."

Anonymous said...

KD: "Serenity now, decapitation later."

Anonymous said...

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