Monday, March 2

Another Kemp Comeback? Not So Much

Instead of battling sweaty Italians and Croatians on the court and mingling with anti-birth control groupies in Italy off it this year, it appears Shawn Kemp will be taking on ... middle-aged Americans desperate to prove they can hang with former NBA superstars.

Yep, the Reign Man will be competing in Spike's "Pros vs Joes" this season, alongside Alonzo Mourning, Robert Horry, Glen Rice, Antoine Walker, and Steve Francis.

Rice, Walker and Kemp were previously booted from their earlier deal with "The Biggest Loser" after the trio managed to boost the weight of not only the competitors, but the cameramen, cleaning staff, producers, and these freaks.

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Anonymous said...

I saw Shawn Kemp at the Renton Community Center a few weeks back after my sons game. He's coaching a kids rec league. I also saw him on FSN in a 3BA game, Portland vs. Seattle...3-on-3 full court...