Tuesday, March 17

Coach Lister

Word out of Manila is that former Sonic center Alton Lister is a "skills coach" for San Miguel Beer.

There are so many jokes to make with that sentence that it's almost not even fair to try.

It's a positive article, though, and Lister comes off as a modest man who appreciated his career in the league, without the standard ego-jock stuff you normally read.

Of course, the comments are filled with "remember when Kemp dunked on Lister in the playoffs"-type stuff. At what point does Alton Lister just come out and say, "Yes, I remember that. Yes, it sucks. But let me ask you - how many points did you score in the NBA?"


Henry Steele said...

All the funny skills jokes aside regarding Alton's own NBA career, he is an excellent skills coach - particularly with big men. I had the opportunity to watch him in action for a week at the prestigious Pete Newell Big Man Camp in Las Vegas and he did a wonderful job. To paraphrase, maybe it a case of "do as I say, not as I did."

Anonymous said...

Alton Lister will always be remembered by true sonics fans as the dude who got dunked on by THE REIGNMAN shawn kemp. After posterizing Lister, Kemp then pointed in his face and ran back to play D. LOL