Monday, March 2

Dear Mr. Shinn

You could really just use this article from Hornets Hype as a template for all NBA fans who are facing an uncertain future for their favorite teams.

And while the article is enjoyable in and of itself (providing a nice insight into the oft-ignored passion of Hornet fans), I found this tidbit from the comments as, if not more, interesting:

"[The Hornets] can’t [leave] because the lease is now ironclad thru 2014, with only a practice facility as a potential sticking point. As I understand it, the state of Louisiana could be stuck with giving bonuses to the Hornets in some of these upcoming years on the lease should attendance drop below thresholds (however, the early out clause no longer applies)."
-commenter chefcdb

Certainly a different take on things than what we've grown accustomed to with the Hornets and their possible relocation to other cities (such as, well, Seattle). When you take what is happening to Sacramento, add it to New Orleans, and multiply it times New Jersey, at what point do you, as a Sonic fan, start to feel just a twinge of guilt about coveting these franchises?

I hate to slit the throat of NBA basketball in Seattle, and I know this goes against the league's current franchise-go-round method of economic stability, but I'm growing less and less enamored with the idea of swiping someone else's club.

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