Monday, March 16

Just One Question

If, for some reason, the NBA allowed blog authors to ask questions at David Stern's occasional press conferences, there would be a million questions I'd love to ask him. Naturally, it's never going to happen, and probably for good reason.

But there is one question I just wish someone would ask him:

Mr. Stern, you claim that during your tenure the NBA has gone from being on the verge of extinction, to being one of the strongest leagues in the world and your comments about the recent $200 million bailout given to your league just serve to further underscore that point. My question is this: If that is indeed true, how can you explain the Pacers posting a loss in 26 of the last 28 years? If the NBA is on solid footing, how can the Pacers lose money 9 out of 10 seasons in their brand-new arena?

You say that the league is healthy. Herb Simon says he loses money every year.

Who's telling the truth?


Anonymous said...

If you're from OKC or one of the other vulture cities (hopefully Seattle's not one of them) the answer is that folks in Indiana just don't care about basketball and don't deserve to have a team.


Anonymous said...

"Oh, by the way, I was being sarcastic"
--Homer Simpson
"Well, duh."
--Marge Simpson

The (wink) I placed at the end was supposed to be the giveaway. I'll try to be less subtle next time, sir.

Anonymous said...

Simon says he loses money on operating budget... I know he tells the fed that when you is looking for tax deductions. They are very creative and liberal with that.

Anonymous said...

JAS, I'm guessing Indiana folks are a bit touchy right now about their team - kind of like we were last year at this time. We'll let them slide on this one.

But, geez, how could you not tell he was being sarcastic?