Saturday, March 7


Bend it Like Bennett checks in with a report from the MySpace page of Graham Bennett, son of Clay.

With these sorts of things, you never know what the truth is, but if what we see is true, and Graham's dad did indeed ask what was up with the "black midget with a pickle in her hand," well, it can't be good.

If nothing else, it might serve as an interesting test of Charles Barkley's hypothesis that Oklahoma is "no place for black people."


Anonymous said...

"comments are". must be a thunder fan seeming as how you all insist on referring to them collectively as a singular in every instance: ex. the thunder is not going to win 20.

Anonymous said...

Clay Bennett has gotten word on this, the web snapshot is a hoax. He's currently pulling together his lawyers for a defamation of character case via libel.

I'd actually remove the picture, I'm being semi-serious.

Anonymous said...

I'd take your information semi-seriously if you had any proof, but, unfortunately, comments made by anonymous posters have very little credibility. Also, in case you were not aware, here is the legal definition of libel:

deliberate publication of defamatory lies which the publisher knows to be false
(emphasis added)

Only a simpleton could read what I read and infer that I was publishing something I knew to be untrue, when, in fact, I actually pointed out that the truthfulness of the post was doubtful. Anonymous, if you feel like using your real name and some actual facts, we'll take you seriously. Otherwise, we'll just assume you are either Graham Bennett or one of his friends and, thus, ignore you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nuss, don't worry, with any luck, if you get put in prison, maybe they'll put your cell next to Aubrey's!

Anonymous said...

You're on notice, Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Wow!! Come on guys let have some class and move foward from the Thunder. We want a new Sonics team and no good comes out of bashing Bennett or his family. Let's be smarter!!!

Sonics Man

June said...

I notice that the legal person picking on the guy for not putting his name was not even brave enough to post his name. How lame!

Anonymous said...

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