Thursday, June 18

The 00s: Know Your Point Guards

How well do you know the point guards of the 00s? Test your useless knowledge of arcane facts with the following quiz, this time focusing upon generals of the NBA.

  1. Which player racked up the most regular season steals?
  2. Jason Kidd
    Allen Iverson
    Kobe Bryant
    Kevin Garnett

  3. Which player registered the most regular season assists?
  4. Gary Payton
    Andre Miller
    Jason Kidd
    Steve Nash

  5. Who had the most post-season assists?
  6. Steve Nash
    Chauncey Billups
    Tony Parker
    Jason Kidd
    4. How about post-season steals?
    Ben Wallace
    Kobe Bryant
    Jason Kidd
    Derek Fisher

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