Monday, June 15

Hiatus From NBA Criticism

Allow me to set aside my petty ways for one day and congratulate the Orlando Magic on their fantastic run to the title.

For Magic fans, fear not that what just happened will forever leave a bitter taste in your mouth. Ignore those who call your favorites "a horribly flawed team," and remember that all teams are flawed to some degree, that no team is perfect, and while yours was certainly no 72-10 juggernaut, it was still superior to nearly 30 others.

Know that in ten years time, you'll cherish this spring like no other, that while you will never forget the disappointment of Courtney Lee's missed opportunity, you will also never forget the joy of seeing the Magic confound experts by knocking off the Celtics and Cavaliers. You will never forget the giddiness of seeing a multinational sporting good giant's advertising campaign thrown into the ditch because of your favorite team, and that your team's triumphs were cherished by people all across the country.

In this era of pre-planned magnificence, we have all grown accustomed to feeling powerless as sports fans. The NBA wants Charles vs. Michael? Done. The league wants the Heat to beat the Mavs? Done.

So when the Magic, with little or no national following, managed to sidetrack the coronation of King James, well, all of us, from the oldest NBA diehard to the bitterest Sonic fan smiled just a little.

More than 10 years ago, the Sonics fell to the mighty Bulls, but not before they gave Chicago one of its toughest battles in the Finals. A decade later, almost every Sonic fan I know looks back upon that series with delight, not remorse. Sure, a win would have been better, but just to be there, to be on basketball's brightest stage, to be important, relevant ... that was nearly as sweet.

So wallow in your pain for a few days, Magic fan. Take time to salve your wounds, but just know that, in the long run, you'll look back on the past two months and smile.


Chrystal K. said...

I'm so happy for them...Yay!

Anonymous said...

Some slight remorse... that the Sonics waited until the 4th game to show up. Down 3-0, everyone knew it was only a matter of time before the Bulls put it away. I don't think anyone looks back at that series and thinks the Sonics should've won.

Not quite the same as the Magic being two plays away from being up 3-1 in their series. Of course, their fans must feel remorse at what could've been. If their team never wins a title, not so sure how sweet the experience will feel down the road.

At least we always had '79 to fall back on. That'll always make us feel better than teams that came close but never made it over the hump, such as the Jazz.

chunkstyle23 said...

95-96 was a beloved season indeed. The only "regret" was that McMillan was a shell of himself, but nevertheless the memories of that spring still bring me comfort.

Anonymous, I love how even in our destitute state as Supes fans, guys like you and me can still find ways to belittle the Jazz. That never gets old...