Tuesday, June 9

Sonic Trivia

Sonic Top Guns

See if you can prove your Sonic knowledge by answering the following three questions about some of the best shooters in the team's history.
  1. Who are the only 3 players to make more than 800 3-pointers in team history?

  2. Ray Allen, Gary Payton, Dale Ellis
    Brent Barry, Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis
    Ray Allen, Gary Payton, Rashard Lewis
    Gary Payton, Dale Ellis, Brent Barry

  3. Who posted the best TS% in a season for the Sonics?

  4. Brent Barry
    Dale Ellis
    Ray Allen
    James Donaldson

  5. Who holds the record for the highest single-season 3-pt percentage in team history?

  6. Hersey Hawkins
    Detlef Schrempf
    Dale Ellis
    Brent Barry

How did you do?
3 points: A long-distance trivia gunner.
2 points: You can hit occasionally, but not a sure thing.
1 point: Who told you that you were good at this?
0 points: Seriously, step away from the 3-point line, please.

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