Monday, June 1

30 Years Gone By

Here's an interesting question to ponder: If you were standing and cheering at the Sonics' championship rally 30 years ago today, which would you be more inclined to scoff at, were someone to ask you:
1. That the Sonics would be gone in 30 years, or
2. That GM would file for bankruptcy
Tough call, that. Anyhow, they've both come to pass but, for today, we'll try to focus on the positive. There are stories aplenty on the web today, columns filled with wistful nostalgia that Sonic fans can wallow in. Included:
* Art Thiel, the PI (if I read his column right, Thiel is 6'8"?)
* Steve Kelley, The Times
* Damon Agnos, Seattle Weekly
* Percy Allen, The Times
* John McGrath, News Tribune
And, perhaps as good as reliving those memories, is the possibility of 1) watching Rashard Lewis in the Finals this week and 2) hoping that he beats the Lakers. Barring a return of pro hoops to Seattle, what more could a fan ask for?


Anonymous said...

You read it right, he's at least 6'8''. Might even be as tall as 6'10''

Anonymous said...

If he's 6'10", does that make him the only person that height to live in Seattle that Rick Sund DIDN'T draft with a lottery pick?