Monday, March 11

Hansen to start Seattle Sonics season tickets waitlist Thursday, apparently doesn't know meaning of "Jinx"

Well, that didn't take long.

With the ground still warm from David Stern's bombshell Friday, Seattle Supersonics 2.0 mastermind Chris Hansen is launching a "Priority Ticket Waitlist for future Sonics tickets" this Thursday through

In addition to helping us understand and prioritize the demand for tickets, registering your interest will be a critical step in demonstrating to the NBA and basketball fans around the country the unbelievable passion that exists in the Emerald City to BRING BACK OUR SONICS! 
The Priority Ticket Waitlist will go live here at on March 14 at 10 am SST (Sonics-Saving Time!). You will also be able to go to the list directly here. Requests will be taken in sequential order for each ticket type.

So, who's going to sign up for imaginary season tickets? I'm tempted to, but I'm also reminded of the last time the Sonics tried to sell tickets for an arena that wasn't built yet.

Aw, who am I kidding? I'm totally signing up.

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Lynn Green said...

Very happy for your city.