Thursday, March 28

Love the Glove

If you're looking for a way to calm the turbulent waters currently flowing between Sacramento and Seattle, might I suggest this?

Yes, it's a Gary Payton "The Glove" hat, and yes, it lights up. Since no one could ever be angry wearing a "The Glove" hat that lights up, I think it might behoove both sides to don one of these suckers and just walk around for a little while. Give David Stern one for the afternoon. Drop one on Kevin Johnson's desk before he heads home from work.

In fact, I think quite a few of the world's problems might be solved if more people started wearing illuminated "The Glove" hats. The situation in the Middle East, for one. The charging/blocking situation in college basketball for another. The possibilities are endless, really.

You're welcome.

(Found via ebay).


Paul said...

Only $9.99? That's a STEAL!

PN said...

And the batteries are 'new'! Which is great, because the last time I had to buy a new battery for my hat it took forever to find the right one. Like I told those guys at Radio Shack, hey, if I was a loser, would I be wearing a hat that lights up? Exactly.

Paul said...

Imagine if they'd had that kind of hat technology when we were in high school. My girls troubles would have been OVER!