Monday, February 21

21 is the Magic Number!

And not just because you won't have to hit up random strangers to buy you booze at the 7-11 anymore.

ESPN's Marc Stein offered this juicy tidbit in his look ahead at the last 30 games of the season:

In a season filled with shockers already, this might rank as the biggest: Seattle's magic number to clinch the Northwest Division title is a mere 21. If they win only 11 and the Wolves lose only 10, the Sonics win. In other words, the Sonics win.

Thank goodness the Sonics don't have to play the Clippers or Celtics again.

But, there are 2 more matchups each with Minnesota and Dallas, four against the resurgent Rockets, and final tilts against Phoenix and Denver. Let's not forget that there's a possibility that the Supes will meet up with GP again, what with trade rumors mentioning him going to places like Minny and Denver.

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