Monday, February 28


Some quick notes while wondering when Sean Penn's "Jude Law Defense League" membership card expires, and if he had to pay extra for the "Cranky Attitude Bonus Pak," or if it comes standard ...

Nice to see that The Potato has become part of the Sonics' family again. While Nate continues to mix and match depending upon his opponent, it's a great sign that he has offensive weapon at the 5 that doesn't foul out in 7 minutes (Are you listening James? What about you, Fort?) ... Color me all wrong about Nick Collison. As the months have worn on, the rookie has improved his FT shooting, added shot blocking, continues to hit a high pct. from the floor, and generally earned additional minutes. The draft that looked like something Ted Stepien orchestrated a year ago, has shaped into a key one for Seattle's future ... Seattle's next 4 - against Indy, LeBron, Houston, and Chicago - doesn't look too hot. Especially after that clunker against the Bucks. What the hell happened? ... Flip Murray's minutes in the past 6 games: 22, 8, 24, 0, 17, 4. ... Here's a sentence nobody expected to be reading right after the all-star break this year: "Attention Season Ticket Holders! Please click here to access your account and secure your seats for the upcoming Sonics Playoffs and the 2005-06 Sonics season. Ordering deadline is Wednesday, March 23. Thank you for your loyal support!"

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