Friday, February 18

All-Starry Eyed

Artis Gilmore, baddass mofo.
Artis is still cooler than you.


"The judges of this year’s Sprite Rising Stars Slam Dunk are the participants from the inaugural ABA dunk contest that took place in Denver in 1976. Joining the 1976 slam dunk contest winner Julius Erving are George Gervin, Artis Gilmore, David Thompson and Muhsin, formerly known as Larry Kenon."
Putting aside for the moment the more intriguing question of why Larry Kenon bothered changing his name when no one would ever notice, and trying not to picture what the A-Train's mutton chops look like at his age, am I the only thinking that a dunk contest featuring the judges would be a helluva lot more interesting than the ACTUAL dunk contest?

While they're at it, what about bringing back the Old-Timers Game? I say we limit it to guys who have retired at least 5 years ago. Imagine this roster:

Michael Cage, Barkley, Hornacek, Ricky Pierce, Sedale Threatt, Buck Williams, Mark Price, Dominique, Alex English, Nate!, Joe Dumars, Brad Daugherty, Isiah Thomas, Magic!, Bird!, Kurt Rambis!

Seriously, isn't everyone more interested in seeing these guys than the ACTUAL all-stars? Plus, you've got the added bonus of Rick Barry trying to crash the game and causing a scene. That's worth a show in and of itself, don't you think?

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