Monday, February 14

Around the Rim

After giving us the highlight of this incredible season - back-to-back wins over Phoenix and Sacto - the Sonics fell on their face in the 4Q against the Mavs. Normally, people would be foretelling the impending doom of the Sonics, but thankfully everyone knows that this game was nothing more than a hiccup on a tremendous year (Ed. note: can a year hiccup?). I look at it this way, if Ray Allen plays his absolute worst, the Sonics are still better than the Mavs, as evidenced last night. You'll get no worries from me on this one.

In other news, Sam Smith wonders if Eddy Curry could be heading for Seattle, in exchange for Flip Murray, Collison, and a 1st-round pick. Geez, Sam, why don't we throw in the Space Needle and Q-13's Double Doppler Weather Tracker? ... Elsewhere, Frank Hughes makes a good argument - in fact, the best I've heard - for why the Sonics need to hang onto Ray Allen.

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