Thursday, February 10

Game Night: Kings of the Road

"Play nice, or I'll throw my headband and cry!"

Great quote in the PI today from Jerome James, referring to how often opponents get angry with Reggie Evans and his brand of defense/rebounding.

"It happens all the time," Sonics center Jerome James said. "Hell, we get pissed off at Reggie in practice."

Great stuff. Well, the Kings have all sorts of reasons to be angry at the Sonics, not the least of which is Evans, who angered Sacto's Brad Miller to no end in the Seattle win last week.

Peja and C-Webb will be in the lineup, as will Ray Allen, so we've got some bona fide superstars on all sides tonight. We can argue the merits of Webber v Lewis on the all-star team until we're hoarse, and there's no doubt that Webber is the better player, but, hey, since when did the 12 best players make it to the All-Star team anyway?

I'm looking for plenty of points, a mouthy white center, some filthy passing, and the requisite matador defense from both teams. Should be a good time.

Good Sign: The Kings could be so angry over all their perceived insults that they'll forget about playing the game.
Bad Sign: You'd suspect that Sacto will try their damndest to avoid a season sweep from Seattle. Oh yeah, Adelman always freaks me out. He's so aryan-looking, I half-expect him to descend from a zeppelin before the start of each game.

Spread: Sonics by 4
Prediction: Kings 108 - Sonics 102
My Picks This Season: 14-8

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