Wednesday, February 9

The Disappearing Fort

Danny Fortson, along with Seattle Sonics teammates Rashard Lewis and Vladimir Radmonavic
We feel your pain, big fella.

Anybody know what's up with Fortson's minutes? Up 'til Jan 21 he'd been in double-figures every game, all year long. Since then the Supes have played 9 games and he's been below 10 in almost half of them (including a "Thanks for coming out" 3 minutes against the Bobcats the other night).

While I admire the Sonics for being able to win in spite of poor performances from just about anyone, shouldn't we be looking towards the future (i.e., the playoffs) here? Assuming the team remains intact, the only legitimate post presence on this team is Fortson (with the exception of Potapenko, and relying on him is like relying on Dean Martin as your AA mentor). And the playoffs - as we will all hear repeatedly in the next few months - are all about the half-court. What's going to happen when the 3-pointers aren't falling? I'd like to think the Sonics can utilize Fort's ability to get grab offensive boards, get to the line, and sink FTs with a phenomenal success rate come May.

I know Collison's improved game has led to his increased minutes, but who would you rather have in the lineup this May: Danny Fortson or Nick Collison? As foul-prone as Fort is, I'll take his enormous presence over the rookie's any day of the week.

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