Thursday, July 28


Seattle Sonics free agent Ronald 'Flip' Murray
"Hi, I'm Ronald 'Flip' Murray. Remember me?"

Judging by this news out of Portland, it appears even more likely that Flip Murray will be re-signing with the Sonics. Juan Dixon, who would have fit nicely as the backup to Ridnour and Allen, appears headed to SonicSouth with a 3-year-, $8 mil. contract.

With Dixon and Keyan Dooling seemingly off the market, Flip has moved towards the top of the list. Another new possibilty emerging is Eddie House, late of Sacramento. At 6'1", House would pose a problem when paired with Ridnour, but considering that Sugar Ray's going to be playing between 35 and 40 minutes a game, he won't be in the lineup all that much.

In other news, according to the Times, the Sonics will meet with Radman early next week to discuss how he fits into their '05-'06 plans. According to Percy Allen, the Sonics will likely ink him to a one-year deal, allowing Vlade to become a FA next year.