Tuesday, July 5

Nate Watch

Sonic fans hope coach Nate McMillan will re-sign with the club this week.
Don't leave us, Nate!

The Nate McMillan watch continues this week with several conflicting and probably untrue stories and/or rumors. First, the Seattle Times reports that the Sonics have given Nate until tomorrow to decide if he wants to stay with team.

Speaking of the Seattle Times, the Northwest's worst sports columnist Steve Kelley (who famously gave up on the '87 Sonics) tells Nate to "chase the money" to Portland. Nice. I'd tell you to do the same, Stevie, but no one except the Times is stupid enough to pay you.

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News reports that Nate is "moving closer to finalizing a deal with the Portland Trail Blazers". GUH?!

So, what do all these crazy stories and/or rumors mean? It means that, until tomorrow, no one really knows what Nate McMillan is going to do except Nate McMillan.

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