Wednesday, July 6

Portland steals Nate, kicks Sonics in groin

According to ESPN, longtime Sonics coach Nate McMillan will leave Seattle to coach the hated Portland Trailblazers.
Portland's that way... jerk.

In the worst blow to civic pride since Griffey Junior headed to Cincy, Nate McMillan succumbed to the dark side today, taking the money and running all the way to Portland:
PORTLAND, Ore. - The Portland Trail Blazers will hold a press conference Thursday, July 7, to introduce Nate McMillan as the club's 11th head coach in team history.

McMillan will be introduced at an afternoon gathering open to the public at the Washington Park Amphitheater at 4:30 p.m.

McMillan joins the Trail Blazers after serving as head coach of the Seattle Supersonics since November 27, 2000, compiling a record of 212-183 (.537).

Read the rest (if you haven't already killed yourself) here:
I don't know if words can describe how much I hate Paul Allen right now. No, wait, they can: I HATE PAUL ALLEN!!!

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