Monday, July 18

Weiss is the man

The Seattle Supersonics will name Bob Weiss as their new head coach today.
"That's right, suckas - The ORIGINAL Mr.Sonic is back, ya'll! Holla!"

Proving that our man Danny Fortson is truly calling the shots, the Sonics picked Bob "I gotta come up with a nickname for this guy" Weiss as their new head coach today:
The Seattle SuperSonics are on the verge of naming Bob Weiss their new head coach.

An announcement could come as early as today, according to sources.

Weiss has been offered a contract, though no details were available. The team was waiting for Weiss to sign.

Weiss would replace Nate McMillan, who left unexpectedly July 6 to accept an offer to coach the Portland Trail Blazers. Sources said the delay in naming a replacement was because principal owner Howard Schultz was out of the country.

An assistant with the Sonics since 1994, Weiss has been endorsed by key players, including Ray Allen.

Weiss was a player on the original Sonics, coming to the team in the expansion draft of 1967.

From The Tribune.
So, Supersonicsouliacs, what are you gonna do when Weiss-a-mania is running wild on YOU?!

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