Tuesday, July 19

Hot Summer League Action: Get some!

Robert Swift, 19-year-old center of the Seattle Supersonics
Robert Swift, working on some new bench poses.

While the Bob Weiss love-fest continues, the Sonics are actually playing some games in the Rocky Mountain Something-or-Other summer league.

Seattle picked up it's first win of the summer with an 80-62 "victory" over Utah's Summer Scrubs. Former Louisville star Larry O'Bannon led the Supes with 14 points (2-4 from 3pt range), while Johan "Le Pew" Petro somehow managed to cram six fouls, three turnovers, three blocks, and two steals into only 13 minutes of playing time. Well done!

After a lousy first couple of games, Mateen Cleaves bounced back withs 11 points and five assists. Robert Swift, who is getting some major playing time this summer, scored four points and had four boards in 22 minutes.

So, what did Coach Sikma think about the young bucks?
"A couple of things happened. Starting off against Charlotte (in the league opener) with their pressure defense, that’s a tough one to start. Once you spend some time with the players and you get to know where they are most effective, that’s part of the process. And then we had a good ball game against San Antonio. Britton Johnsen hit some 3s early and Andre Barrett finished it. But we were in that ball game. These guys got a little spunk to ‘em. They thought we could play better, and they were ready and came out right at ‘em. Mateen (Cleaves – 23 minutes, 11 points, 5 helps) stepped up and set the tone and handled our offense really well. Got the ball to guys in position, handled their pressure. Our 2-position was really good. Larry O’Bannon (6-2 from Louisville, 17 minutes, 14 points on 8 tries) came in and gave us a good lift. Ezra Williams (6-4 Georgia product, 17 minutes, 12 points on 8 tries) is just a flat-out scorer. If you give him a good look, he’s gonna bury it. Then we had a nice mix of post-ups with (Noel) Felix (16 minutes, 13 points on 7 tries) and our bigs. Had a lot of buttons to push tonight. It just happened to fall in place and hopefully it stays that way."

from Hoopsworld
Seattle takes on Atlanta's JV squad tonight. Noel Felix: it's your time to shine!


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