Friday, July 15

Trader Bob to become Owner Bob?

Could Bob Whittsitt become the next owner of the Seattle Sonics?
"Hmm... I wonder which Northwest team I should F-up next?"

Our pal Henry Abbott over at True Hoop is the bringer of bad news once again. This time, it's a nasty rumor about Bob "I traded Scottie Pippen for Olden Polynice" Whittsitt returning to the Sonics:
Peter Vecsey reports that former Seattle and Portland General Manager Bob Whitsitt is part of a group hoping to buy the SuperSonics. I know Trader Bob has pulled off some major trades (Scottie Pippen for two old pairs of shoes and a hand towel wasn't bad). But in Portland, his departure is widely seen as a high point in recent Portland history. Ditto at his next job, with the Seattle Seahawks. I wouldn't want him owning my team.

Read more here.
Somewhere, in the vast Canadian wilderness, Nussbaum is screaming.

(Thanks to Henry and "Lance Uppercut" for the tip.)

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