Saturday, August 6

"Brunson Burner" signs with Sonics

Rick Brunson signed a one year contract with the Seattle Supersonics on Friday

Let the rejoicing begin! The Seattle Supersonics signed "well traveled" guard Rick Brunson to a one year contract Friday. Rick Brunson, ladies and gentlemen! Rick . . . Brunson . . . (sigh)
Terms of the deal were not released. Brunson played with the Los Angeles Clippers last season, but had his rights renounced by the team Wednesday.

"Rick's playmaking ability, ball handling skills and size make him a nice complement for our team," Seattle general manager Rick Sund said in a statement. "He is a true point guard and I think he and Luke Ridnour will give us a good tandem at that position."

from the Seattle Times
I know Brunson came dirt-cheap, but am I the only one who wished they would've spent the extra money for Nick the Quick? Actually, I probably am.

Oh, and when Calabro starts using "Brunson Burner", just remember where you heard it first, kids!