Thursday, August 4

David Locke: You Rock(e)!

(Only know photo of Locke.)

The power of The Soul™ cannot be contained!

Even though I've been busy working for The Plumber this week, and Nussbaum has been working on a week-long medical Marijuana binge (hooray for Canada!), the Supersonicsoul publicity wagon just keeps on-a-rolling!

According to a reliable source, David Locke of KJR/Seattle P.I. fame mentioned The Soul on his fine radio show last night. We're all big fans of Mr. Locke here at the Soul™ (Hell, even Nussbaum likes him, and he hates everybody!), so we were all thrilled of course.

And just for the record, David, we don't know what "Ehlo is Mint" means either.