Friday, August 26


I’ve seen a few questions in the comments regarding salary cap issues, specifically if the signings of Wilkins and the Potato have impacted the Sonics’ ability to re-sign Vladimir Radmanovic. Here’s my estimation as to where the Sonics stand today regarding the cap.

Allen, $13.2 million (estimated)
Lewis, $8.5
Fortson, $6.4
Potapenko, $3.0
Wilkins, $2.5
Collison, $1.8
Swift, $1.8
Ridnour, $1.6
Brunson, $1.0
Petro, $.9

These numbers are rounded, of course, but the total comes to $40,870,966. Now, as I understand it, the Sonics have their mid-level exemption (MLE) available, and from what I have gathered the MLE is going to be around $5 million this season. As the MLE can be split up into multiple players, it stands to reason the Sonics will use the MLE on the Potato and the Omen. Two unknown items are: 1) If the Sonics qualify for the $1 million exemption; and 2) If the Sonics have any trade exemptions. Those two items, if unused, would count against the cap.

Regardless, with the cap at about $51 million, the Sonics are safe even if they sign Radman to a $6 or $7 million per year deal. In addition, Radman qualifies for the Bird Exemption, meaning the Sonics would not be punished for re-signing him for an amount that puts them over the cap (they would, however, pay any applicable luxury tax). With Radman on the books at an estimated $7, and another couple of million for filler like Mateen Cleaves, Reggie Evans, or Alex Scales, the Sonics shouldn’t have any trouble meeting the cap restrictions. Heck, they could even sign Typhoid Murray and not have any trouble – not that I’m advocating that scenario by any means. It’s worth noting that the new CBA requires all NBA teams to have at least 13 players under contract, meaning the Sonics would need to add Radman, Cleaves, and one other player in order to comply (one of Johan Petro’s first English words will no doubt be “inactive”). Note also that until Murray and Evans are renounced, re-signed, or leave for greener pastures, their ’04-’05 salaries will count against this year’s cap in a pro-rated fashion (I believe it’s about $2 mil. for the two of them).

If you see any errors in the above, feel free to post them in the comments. We’re all salary neophytes here, and any information we get is good information.