Wednesday, August 31

Cyberlew or Cyberpoo?

Bizarro Rashard Lewis?

The Seattle Supersonics have released something called the "Sonics Desktop Dish", featuring something that's supposed to look like Rashard Lewis (but looks more like Lil' Penny) who delivers Sonics news to your desktop. Since there is no Sonics news this time of year (why do you think we're posting this "story"?) it's hard to tell if "Cyberlew" actually works, or whether it's just another piece of corporate spyware tracking my trips to gay porn sites.

Get the Sonics Desktop Dish here.


Anonymous said...

this is hilarious. I'm all over it.

Paul said...

Hey, the thing actually works! Rashard just popped up on my screen to tell me about the Mikki Moore signing. Of course, Supersonicsoul readers knew about this hours ago, but still... pretty cool.