Wednesday, August 10


There’s nothing shaking on the Sonic news wire, so I thought I’d take a quick look at the new CBA and see what interestings items popped out.

In addition to the much-discussed salary cap, and, of course, the ruling to prevent high school players from entering the draft, I found two pieces of interest to non-financial wizards such as myself (if you’re interested in a fantastic analysis of the new CBA, I suggest you read Dan Rosenbaum’s blog).

1. Active rosters are still at 12, but instead of phantom injuries, players will now be called “inactive.” Call me crazy, but I always liked how guys like Jon Sundvold would get strained oblique muscles in time for the Dale Ellis’ of the world to return from the DL. Now, they’ll just de-activate the Sundvolds and there won’t be any more “injuries.”

2. Players with less than 2 years of experience in the NBA can now be sent to the Development League without losing rights to said player. Would have been nice to have this option last year for ol’ Swifty. Assistants can also be sent to the DL to help develop players – or if the head coach found out they were assisting things they shouldn’t have.

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