Monday, August 8


Well, the schedule’s out, and it looks like the networks have taken an interest in the Sonics. The Supes will be on ABC once (Sun., Mar. 12 vs the Lakers as Sugar Ray and Colorado Kobe throw down at the Forum ... er, Staples Center), ESPN 4 times, and TNT 7 times.

One good thing about the schedule? The Sonics won’t play a team that won a playoff series last year until December, when they take on the Pacers in the 16th game of the season.

One bad thing about the schedule? Think the early January 2006 trip to Indy, Chicago, Detroit, New York, and Philly is bad? Try this mid-February ’06 jaunt on for size: Milwaukee, Minnesota, San Antonio, Atlanta (phew), Orlando, and Miami.

Let’s hope Seattle isn’t locked in a tight race with the Nuggets or Wolves heading into that trip.