Monday, August 21

Les Sonics

The dog days of August are upon we writers of NBA blogs. With no signings to report, here's a quick look at how Gelabale and Petro are faring at the 2006 FIBA World Championships.

Gelabale: 9.3 ppg, 3.3 rpg, 62% FT
Petro: 5.3 ppg, 1.7 rpg

Petro had a nice showing against Serbia & Montenegro, posting 8 points in a mere 12 minutes. Likewise, Gelabale's had 1 good game (14 points and 7 boards against Nigeria), and 2 other not-so-good games. Too early to get a good read on the games, but Gelabale's presence in the starting lineup is reassuring, and Petro has done what you would expect out of such a young player.

If you're wondering what the caliber of play is in these games, here's a quote from the AP story of France's win over Nigeria:

"Frederic Weis was the catalyst for France early on."

Um, yeah.

In other news, Eva Longoria's happy Tony Parker got hurt, because it makes it easier for her to root for the American team. Glad that crisis was averted.

Oh, and Ibo Kutluay is still alive. He also scored more points in 30 minutes against Lithuania than he did in his entire Sonic career. I'm guessing signing Ibo to a 2-year contract won't go on Rick Sund's resume any time soon.


chunkstyle23 said...

I like the sound of "Les Soniques." Not that it makes any more sense. Where's our French correspondent, Bob?

Anonymous said...

I got good news... that gum you like is going to come back in style.

Anonymous said...

Arena news:

Anonymous said...

nique the french

Paul said...

Thanks for the update, Bob!

Anonymous said...


Hasn't it been a couple centuries since that term has been used?

Anonymous said...

Good to see that Johan and Mikael are getting playing in the WC. I hope that gives them even more confidence for the season.

BTW: Germany just got their butts kicked today against team USA and will play France now to decide who'll play in the 5th and 7th place match.
Who do you guys think will win it all? I'd say Argentina, though, team USA aint no chumps this time around.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the update, Bob. FYI, there's an article up at with Mickael Gelabale. Nothing too interesting to learn, but I found it interesting that he hadn't asked Johan Petro many questions about Seattle, preferring to learn as he goes in Seattle.

As to the anti-French comments, don't sweat it. Only people with no appreciation/knowledge of history would insult the French for France's lack of courage. Anyone who's read more than 2 pages of World War I history would know that the French gave more to win that war than any other nation. It's easy for Americans to criticize France for not standing up to the Nazis, but it's easy to be superior when your nation (the US) is protected by thousands of miles of ocean. Its not so easy to be courageous when Hitler is a one-day drive from your doorstep.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous, I too hate the french.