Friday, August 18

X-Rated Action

Former Seattle Supersonics Xavier McDaniel with some white has a Q&A with Xavier McDaniel. Here, my all-time favorite Supersonic talks about my all-time favorite Supersonic playoff run:
What's your favorite memory from your Sonics career?

I would say going to the Western Conference Finals against the Lakers - having an opportunity really to beat them, playing four tough games. We lost all four of them. The two in Los Angeles could have gone either way - it felt like Magic Johnson got some calls he didn't deserve. Dale (Ellis) got his shot blocked by Michael Cooper in Game 3. I hit a 3-pointer at the buzzer to lose by one, being down by four. It was a tough series, but it was a situation where we didn't win that many games the year before, we were picked to be the worst team in the league again and we all just came together and meshed. Bernie was the mastermind behind everything. Tom Chambers and Dale were the go-to guys. I was that third go-to guy where, if one of them was slacking off, I could pick it up offensively. We ran a trap defense. I think that was a great year. The only part about that is I'm sad we never built on it. That kind of always spoiled things for me.
Read the complete interview here.


Anonymous said...

X-Man was the best! No one played harder.

Anonymous said...

yep... those were the good old days. 3 20 ppg scorers, each bringing a completely different facet to the game.

and a family of four with a middle class income could actually afford to go to the game and have decent seats.

excuse me, i'm going to go look for Joe DiMaggio now. Anyone seen him?!?

Anonymous said...

Pretty anemic 'article' in the Stranger last week about SOS.

Anonymous said...

Stranger link:

Anonymous said...

How can a fan write Xavier McDaniel