Tuesday, August 1

Wilcox Still Undecided

Reports are still trickling in regarding Chris Wilcox' free agency status, with his agent telling the PI that Wilcox if it comes down to signing a one-year deal and waiting for FA next year, "Chris is prepared to do that."


In my mind, Wilcox signing a one-year deal is an absolute worst-case scenario, even worse than letting him go for a bucket of wings and a 2nd-round draft pick.

Seattle GM Rick Sund chimed in as well, stating, "We've had dialogue the past few weeks but we are not close to an agreement." I know it's all posturing on both sides, but the longer this thing drags out, the worse of a feeling I'm getting. In a perfect world, Wilcox would take the 3-year deal he's been offered, as he'll be able to command a good salary at the end of it, and the Sonics won't be on the hook for a monster deal if he turns out to be the 2006 version of Jerome James/Calvin Booth/Jim McIlvaine.

In other news, Johan Petro may or may not be on the French World Championship squad. According to FIBA, Petro is competing with Ronny Turiaf for a center spot, and one of them will have to go. Be nice to see Petro get some more recognition, but I'll be honest, seeing him get some rest wouldn't be so bad, either. And, for what it's worth, does anyone know if Gelabale is playing in the tournament as well? I'm beginning to think that the government should start using European basketball leagues for their witness protection programs - it's next to impossible to find a boxscore or team roster for the myriad of tournaments that go on over there.


Bob said...

Of course Gelabale is in the Roster

Petro and Turiaf had a very good game against Croatia today, it's a very tough choice.

13 points and 3 rebounds in 13 minutes for Petro

12 points 3 rebounds in 12 min for Turiaf

Bob said...

For some infos about the French team you can try to check my blog if you're not afraid to use google traductor : http://supersonicsfrance.blogspot.com

Anonymous said...

Merci, Bob, nice story about the French squad. Where do you get the statistics for the players in the Acropolis Tournament? I went to the FIBA website, but they only have a story, no statistics.

I sure would like to see Gelabale play better, 0 points in 3 minutes is not very exciting.

Bob said...


Gelabale must play better, he wasn't bad in the Strasbourg Tournament but strugles in the Acropolis Tournament

Bob said...

France lost against Greece 56-70

8 points and 6 rebounds for Gelabale in 20min
20 points 5 assists and 7 turnovers for Parker in 27min
8 points 6 rebounds but 5 turnovers for Diaw in 28min

Turiaf with just 1 rebound in 10 min and Petro didn’t play

Raw Lew said...

so do we think that wilcox will sign a contract? I don't think the team can move forward without him.

Anonymous said...

He's probably waiting for the Harrington situation to resolve itself. That was supposed to be a done deal (to Pacers) but now he's firing his agent, the whole process may well begin again.

Anonymous said...

SonicsCentral claims that a three-year deal is done and will be official in the next couple of days.