Friday, August 4

Radman Redux

As if this summer of Seattle hoops news wasn't bad enough to begin with, now the Seattle Times reports the Sonics are planning on pulling a Radmanovic on Chris Wilcox. (Kudos to the Times and Percy Allen for running the most Sonics stories this summer, by the way).

You have to especially enjoy this quote from Jeff Fried, Wilcox' agent. "A one-year deal, in our mind, is not a deal," Fried said. "One year, in our mind, left Chris with no alternatives."'

Ah, the ol' player-backed-into-the-corner bit, the truest sign of oncoming autumn. Is this more negotiating, or are the Sonics and Wilcox truly at an impasse? No one can ever know the truth in these situations, and it's not beyond the realm of possibility that the Sonics would call a press conference for Monday to announce they had signed Chris Wilcox to a 5-year, $33 million contract, but I'm beginning to get that same feeling in my stomach I did last summer, when Radman, Reggie Evans, and Flip Murray saw their contract talks drag on throughout August and September.

I said it before, and I'll repeat it now: signing Chris Wilcox to a one-year deal is an absolute nightmare situation for the Sonics. With word that Wilcox is growing miffed at the Sonics for not inking him, we've now got the potential for a historically unmotivated player with poor work habits coming into camp with a chip on his shoulder.

Oh, yeah, that should work out well.


Anonymous said...

I agree, letting Wilcox go to a one-year deal is going to burn the Sonics. But what else can they do? If the guy won't sign the deal they offer - and the Sonics' offer is pretty reasonable - are they supposed to bend over? It's too bad they can't sign and trade him to GOlden State for one of their good, young guys (hello, Pietrus!), except that would mean taking back one of their old, crappy guys in return (hello, Adonal Foyle!)

Anonymous said...

A big egg on SonicsCentral's face.

Anonymous said...

I want the Seattle Supersonics to re-sign Chris Wilcox to a one-year contract worth the qualifying offer. Of course, that's mainly due to the fact that I think Wilcox is highly overrated by most 'sonic fans.

Anonymous said...

It would be illogical for the Sonics to sign any long term deals until the sale of the team has been approved.

Anonymous said...

"we've now got the potential for a historically unmotivated player with poor work habits coming into camp with a chip on his shoulder."

Maybe the chip will give him the motivation he previously lacked.