Wednesday, August 16


It's still early, but here's a quick look at how the minutes may shape up next year for the Sonics.

Player, Minutes
Allen, 37
Lewis, 37
Wilcox, 34
Ridnour, 30
Watson, 28
Swift, 21
Collison, 18
Petro, 18
Wilkins, 15
Sene, 5
Gelabale, 5
Total, 248

Those numbers are obviously subject to change, especially in regard to Swift and Petro, as nobody knows which of those two guys will take over the 5 spot this year (my early vote is for Swift, if for no other reason than his additional seasoning and apparent physical development during the offseason). Plus, it's possible that Ridnour may see his numbers decline as the season progresses and Bob Hill salivates at the idea of Watson's strong defense getting more PT.



Anonymous said...

Only 5 for Sene?

Anonymous said...

C: Johan Petro (16)
C: Robert Swift (24)
C: Mouhamed Sene (8)
PF: Chris Wilcox (32)
PF: Nick Collison (16)
PF: Noel Felix (0)
PF: Danny Fortson (Inactive)
SF: Rashard Lewis (40)
SF: Damien Wilkins (8)
SG: Ray Allen (40)
SG: Mickael Gelabale (8)
PG: Luke Ridnour (24)
PG: Earl Watson (24)