Saturday, November 25

Somebody Wake Kevin Martin Up

Sacramento Kings' Kevin Martin makes a layup with Seattle SuperSonics' Ray Allen watching after a turnover during the first quarter of an NBA basketball game in Seattle, Friday, Nov. 24, 2006.<br />(AP Photo/John Froschauer)Who the hell does Martin think he is anyway? Nobody with a shot that ugly should score 31 in a high school game, let alone against an NCAA-caliber defense like the Sonics'.

Well, Martin killed Seattle last night, with an assist from Ray "Don't tell me to stop shooting" Allen. Hopefully, Allen will get out of this recent 3-point slump, and get back to being an all-star caliber shooting guard, 'cause he's killing the Sonics right now. Take a look at his 3-point shooting in the past 8 games: 2-8,2-9,4-11,4-9,1-6,2-8,1-8,1-6.

That's 27% folks, and that ain't going to cut it.

In other news, the official Earl Watson Sweepstakes has begun; I had mid-January in the pool, so I was off by a month and half. The Heat don't have much to offer anything to the Sonics that would match up well salary-wise, unless other teams get involved. Ideally, the Sonics need to get somebody big to either start or help the anemic bench, plus they need to add a backup to Allen, because Sugar Ray's minutes are out of control. At 40+ minutes a night, he can't keep it up for the whole year (and if you think he's always played this much, try this on for size: The last time Ray Allen averaged more than 40 minutes a game, Saddam Hussein was president of Iraq).

One night off, then the Spurs on Sunday. No rest for the weary.


Anonymous said...

Rick Sund should attempt to trade Earl Watson to the Miami Heat for James Posey; it'd be a balanced deal.

Anonymous said...

Sonics please trade Rashard and Ray to a team that's wants to win. Thease guys are too good to be losing.