Wednesday, November 29


Top 5 Greatest Magic-Related Moments in Sonics History:

1. February 24, 2006: The Sonics stop at the wrong restaurant between Orlando and Miami, resulting in half the team getting sick, forcing Bob Hill to play with only 7 available guys. Ray Allen throws up on the bench, both from the food poisoning and from watching Mikki Moore get 27 minutes.

2. January 11, 2006: Ray Allen and Keyon Dooling throw down at the Key, followed by Keyon pursuing Allen into the hallway underneath the stands. Side note: Rashard Lewis drops 45 in 44 minutes in his greatest game nobody will ever remember.

3. March 21, 2004: Admit it, you have no idea why this game is on the list. My friends, when Vitaly Potapenko goes for 21 points, that merits inclusion on any list. Besides, any game featuring Ansu Sesay, Reggie Evans, Andrew Declerq, and Tyronn Lue has to be here.

4. January 5, 1996: This one is a little hazy, but I have a firm recollection of the events, if not the date. This much is sure: The Sonics were losing to the Magic in Orlando, back in the Brian Hill-Shaq-Penny days. With little or no time remaining in the game and the outcome no longer in doubt, Hill reinserts Shaq into the lineup for some statistical achievement. George Karl, sensing this and pissed off like only he could be, decides that he's going to put Frank Brickowski back in. 10 seconds later, Shaq heads to the bench as Brian Hill realizes his future as coach (i.e., Shaq's health) rests in the forearms of the Brick.

5. March 12, 1990: God, I miss the old NBA. Seattle scores 130 points and 7 Sonics score in double figures. Check out the point guards who played for the green and gold that night: Avery Johnson, Sedale Threatt, Nate McMillan, and Dana Barros. My friends, they call that depth. Bonus points for random Reggie Theus sighting.


Anonymous said...

There needs to be a an all-sports comedy show with skits, just so there can be a skit featuring Lil Penny circa 2006.

Anonymous said...

I miss the three-headed, $15,000,000 moster that was composed of Clavin "Shaggy" Booth, Vitaly "The Potato" Potapenko, and Jerome "Big Snacks" James. Those, indeed, were the good ol' days.

During the early-'90s -- which were good ol' days, too -- Dana Barros and Nate McMillan played alongside each other in the backcourt. As it was, Barros played shooting guard on offense and point guard on defense, while McMillan played point guard on offense and shooting guard on defense.

Anyway, I'd like to watch a one-on-one basketball game between Reggie "Hang Time" Theus and Chris "Li'l' Penny" Rock. In any event, my bet would be for "Li'l' Penny," with a run-in by Anfernee "Penny" Hardaway negating any advantage that Theus and his henchman, Dick "Hang Time II" Butkus, would've had against Rock.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget, Reggie Theus rocked the fur coat like none before or since.

That, and a lot of people thought he was gay.

Anonymous said...

Ray and Dooling going at it is probably as exciting as a Magic game, or any NBA game for that matter, is going to get for a little while. With non-existant D and a one-man-do-it-all O, there's not much of Sonics basketball to watch. Maybe the sideline drama will keep it interesting.