Friday, January 5

The Scoop on Andre Brown

I’m guessing I wasn’t the only one who knew little or nothing about Andre Brown before the Sonics signed him yesterday. Here’s a brief bio on the newest member of the roster, the man who will turn the Sonics into a playoff contender. (Seriously, Andre, no pressure).

Spent the past couple of months with the Sioux Falls Skyforce of the NBDL. Currently leading the league in points and second in rebounds. Fantastic field goal percentage of 66; not so fantastic FT percentage of 55.

Brown was selected as the 2nd pick in the NBDL draft in November 2006, ahead of Denham Brown, Troy Bell, Darius Washington, and a whole bunch of people even NBA geeks wouldn’t know. Still, he could’ve been picked behind those people, so he’s got that going for him.

Brown also played in Italy and the Adriatic League (where he managed to hit 7 of 23 free throws!), always having good rebounding numbers and decent scoring totals. You may not remember this, but Brown was in the Sonics’ training camp in the summer of 2005, before heading off for South Korea and the Philippines (for the Barangay Ginebra Kings!). Naturally, Brown dominated in the Philippines, inasmuch as he would have been the only person taller than 5’3” in the entire country.

Brown’s most well known experience was for DePaul, averaging close to a double-double during for his four years in school. As could be expected, he shot poorly from the line and great from the field, culminating in a 57% FG/48% FT mark his senior year. He also averaged a couple of turnovers per game, which is another knock on his game (worth noting he’s averaged 3.1 TOs per game at Sioux Falls). He also set a Conference USA record with 27 rebounds in a single game back in the day.

At 6’9” and 245 pounds, Brown isn’t going to destroy anyone inside, but he is a presence. I also doubt that he’s going to block any shots at the NBA level, since he never did in college. According to various internet sources, Brown is very fast for a big man, and has been likened to Kenyon Martin in his ability to run the break and play down low. Ironically, Brown was the second-best player at a pre-draft camp in Norfolk, VA. The best player? Desmond Farmer, the guy the Sonics just released to get Brown.

Basically, I can see Brown playing a few minutes off the bench when the Sonics need a warm body – worthwhile for the team in that it will enable the Sonics to send Sene to the NBDL where he can get some minutes. Does this mean, though, that more moves are to come, like, perhaps, a Fortson trade?

I don’t know. Unless the Sonics can get a big man in return, it doesn’t really make sense to trade Fortson, unless Bob Hill plans on starting Petro and giving up on the season (which, considering who’s available in the draft this year, may not be such a bad idea).

It’s sad, though, that what could turn out to be one of the Sonics’ final seasons in Seattle will be such a lousy year. Sad, but not entirely surprising.


Anonymous said...

I'll lay $25 that the number of games Andre Brown plays for Seattle will be fewer than the number of paragraphs you just wrote about him.

Anonymous said...

lol haha so is the team goin to move to OAK then could somebody plz tell me cos i have no clue wats goin on... and yeah don't get ur hopes up for brown

Anonymous said...

Yeah as much as I would love to be optimistic about the situation, I just can't. Frankly, I don't know if Brown would make a difference this deep into the season considering the Sonics' record. The TO stat isn't heartwarming. Maybe, just maybe, Brown could get teams in foul trouble so others like Ray and Luke can go to work. That's the only noteable contribution Brown might make for the Sonics.

On the side note, I think every loss from this point on is good news because it might trigger some big changes. Bob Hill, I'm sorry you can't coach. You haven't been able to get your players to play for you. And you have lost so many games it's almost impossible to defend you as a good coach. Time to go Bob. Same goes for Chris WilSucks. Go do body building or something. You're a sorry excuse for a professional basketball player. Shit, if I was getting paid 8 mil a year I'd be trying a lot harder.

Anonymous said...

I think Brown probably does well enough that 10 day contract gets renewed for at least another 10 and I think the odds are good he finshes the season here.

Are the Sonics afraid to play Sene in the NBA and expose his current skills set more fully? Are they afraid to send him to the NBDL and have the same thing happen but at a lower level, which would really blow their case for the pick? Are they privately feeling they got what they think they got or are they thinking we overidealized this project? Should he just try in Seattle in work in the gym for a year? Is there a contest of wills going on between Hill and Sund on this? Is Hill not playing becuase he is not ready or because Sund doesnt want this revealed?

Anonymous said...

Top 10 signs your season is over:

10) Fans openly clamoring for coach with most losses all-time to take over team.
9) Team seriously considers adding Penny Hardaway.
8) Two words: Mouhmaed Sene.
7) Greg Oden seen looking at homes in Oklahoma City area.
6) Team loses to Knicks. At home.
5) Knowing this would happen, you make a hefty profit.
4) Chris Wilcox questions team's heart.
3) Team openly shopping for talent in NBDL.
2) Team and fans yearn for the "good old days" of 2003-2004.
1) Shawn Kemp comeback.

Mr Cool said...

theres always hope my friend look at wat the seahawks did they bet the dallas cowboys!!!!!!! u never no the opponents might fumble 1 point down and loose!!!

Anonymous said...

Brown has shown strong contribution to the team. For the minutes he plays his stats are pretty good.

Anonymous said...

In response to pete saying "I also doubt that he’s going to block any shots at the NBA level, since he never did in college." well turns out he's doing a lot better than you predicted, last article i read about him this is what was posted "In four games played, he has impressed the team and came through with a huge block late in Friday's OT win over Utah." and in the Sonics last game Tues night against Cleveland, he again had stats comparable to the starters of the team with only half the minutes... Not to mention this rumor of him taking Fortson's place, I think he'd do the better job.

Anonymous said...

he's already played 6 games... 2 more games to go to beat your paragraphs

Anonymous said...

HE MADE IT!!!! =)

Anonymous said...

Andr Brown is a great story, and actually in the NBA there are alot of players who get drafted and don't make it and alot of players who go undrafted and do make it.For example Ben Wallace didn't get drafted and if the Sonics can get half the production of a Ben Wallace from Andre they should dump Fortson and his expiring contract. He's got a bad attitude and is overweight.

Anonymous said...

get off of Penny Hardaway's nuttz, damn, if u have seen him play u know he's nowhere close to being washed up or needing to retire, especially for u supersonic fans, ya'll need help however u can get it,when Penny ends up the best player on your team,dont forget to spit his cumm out your mouth, hatin bitches

Anonymous said...

I watched Andre play all four years at DePaul. What you have is an unbelievable combo of strength and speed. A great touch underneath the basket and brings a workhorse-like attitude to every game. If he improves his free throw percentage, he will be a mainstay in the league for years to come.