Monday, January 8

Wild Weekend

Golden State Warriors' Mickael Pietrus, of France, tries to stop a pass by Seattle SuperSonics' Chris Wilcox in the first quarter of an NBA basketball game Saturday, Jan. 6, 2007, in Oakland, Calif.<br />(AP Photo/Dino Vournas)
Holy crap, what a weekend. The Seahawks utilize Tony Romo's inept ball-handling skillls for a playoff win (and Martin Grammatica's poor blocking abilities - re-watch the play folks, and you'll see Martin give the ole to Jordan Babineaux), the Oregon Ducks knock off #1 UCLA at Mac Court (and, yes, I know they lost to SC on Thursday, but still), Bob Hill benches 3/5 of his starting lineup, Ray Allen drains 7 of 11 3's ...

And the Sonics keep losing.

It's at 11 straight now on the road, and here's Seattle's next slate of road games:

Phoenix, Dallas, Houston, Washington, Indiana and Sacramento. Not until they play the Hornets on Feb. 23 will the Sonics have a reasonable shot at winning a road game, which means the road skid could approach 18 games.

Hill’s desperate move of benching Ridnour, Wilkins, and Fortson/Petro helped a bit in the loss to the Warriors, but I still get the feeling Hill’s time in Seattle is growing short. Honestly, I can’t see the Sonics winning any games – road or home – until they play the Bucks 11 days from now.


Anonymous said...

We could be setting some major records this season. But hey, apart from Ray we're a team of mediocre talents at best. That Lewis is our #2 guy speaks volumes about how poorly put together we are. In the pre-season I thought we were could for 32 wins max. I may have to revise that down big time. Scary thing is, I don't see us improving next year unless we totally re-tool - another year of these guys gelling won't change the fact that most of them should be benchwarmers in the D league.

Anonymous said...

is the team moving to oak city or not... i don't have a clue cos i don't live in USA but i'm a mad sonics fan could somebody tell me wats goin on! and yeah i don't see us improving either at the start of the season i thought that we might go well after an offseason with our new team after aquiring wilcox nd EJ but never happened