Thursday, January 11

Sene Sent Down; Sonics Go Down As Well

This is where the Seattle Supersonics sent Sene.  Good luck!The Sonics have sent Mouhamed Sene to Idaho.

No, Bob Hill hasn't decided Sene is better off peeling potatoes, he's only hoping the young center will be able to improve his skills with more minutes. Of course, this was obvious in October, but then, the Sonics don't like to make quick decisions. After all, it's always better to let a guy sit around for 4 months and play 10 minutes every 3 weeks to develop his confidence, right? After all, look how well Johan Petro has played this year. Oh, wait ...

In other news, the Sonics have apparently decided the best way to lose is to lead in the first half and blow chunks in the second. After experimenting with the "fall apart in the 1st quarter and then pretend to mount a comeback" theory popularized by Bob Weiss last year and continued with Hill, they have now settled on the "look good early until the other team gets over its marijuana hangover from the night before and realizes they're losing to the Sonics" routine. It's worked well the past two nights, with equally depressing results.

Depressing, that is, until you look at the standings, where the Sonics are currently only two losses behind Memphis for the most in the league, and the odds-on spot to grab Greg Oden. The Hawks are coming on strong, though, posting a 1-9 mark in their past 10 to rival Seattle's 2-8 spot. Unfortunately, the Sonics still have five more home games coming up on this homestand, with two of them aggravatingly winnable.

Put simply, the Sonics are going to need to find new ways to lose. I suggest looking into Olden Polynice's whereabouts, or perhaps activating Danny Vranes from the taxi squad.


Anonymous said...

Why does Gordon Chiesa still have a job??

Anonymous said...

Great news! Earl Boykins has been traded to Milwaukee, making them more likely to beat the Sonics when they visit Seattle on the 19th. Thank you, Denver, for helping us move closer to Greg Oden!

Anonymous said...

I agree - Chiesa must go. He coached the Sonics way to close to victory against the Heat. We definitely need a return to Hill's big-loss ways.

Anonymous said...

Exactly. 1st pick in the draft, here we come! Give Bob Hill a vote of confidence in his losing ways!

Anonymous said...

How much longer before the trades start happening? I can't believe the organization is going to stand pat with the current roster until the end of the season.

I nominate Rashard as the one to go, unless we can sucker someone into taking Ray and his aging body.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Paul can take care of the linking part.

You're right, though, this team wouldn't have been more than a 40-win club even if everyone is healthy. Maybe they could have gotten lucky and won 45, but they could have just as easily won 35.

At this point, though, it's a race to the bottom of the standings. Let's hope the Grizzlies and 76ers decide that they want to prove something the rest of the season.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, lets hope the FO will keep Hill and his creativeness for losing games.
Of course you normally dont want to see your team lose, but if you're having a year like we do, it's better to lose enough and get a top pick, especially in this years draft.

Though, I'm scared we'll still find a way to win around 30 games and get ourselves another pick in the 10 to 12 range....

BTW: I've seen what Paul asked and would like to ask the same thing.
Could we arrange a link exchange?

Cheers Silvio

Anonymous said...

did anyone ever tell you how funny you are?
for an obviously huge sonics fan can you please try to stay somewhat positive and stop bashing the team you love so much?
that would be just great. bye bye idiot