Wednesday, May 2

Danny Fortson: Cyborg Smasher #2, Page 2

Yes, we're still working on this dumb thing. And the comics too.

Who needs the excitement of the NBA Playoffs? Pffft, not me! No, who needs postseason basketball excellence when you can be drawing an obscure comic strip (a WEB COMIC, no less) about an obscure, 3rd-rate power forward without a team, all for no pay and little, if any recognition!

Remind me why we started doing this again? Oh, that's right.

The Love.

Here's Part Two of the FINAL ISSUE of

Please, lord, let me be done with this before 07-08 training camp...
Rated PG-13 for language, man boobs


Anonymous said...

Normally, I'd say that if you're planning on using guys that were injured, you're gonna run out of players ... but with the Sonics this year, you have enough ammo to last until next February!

Great strip. Of all the free web comics I've read this year, I would most likely think about possibly paying for this one.

Anonymous said...

here is a 32 oz mayonnaises jar worth of recognition. i've got to say that this made half of my second flute of asti spumante splurt out of my nose. i rarely enjoy 8:52 am like i did today, after reading the ongoings of the cyborg smasher.

-b the solidgoldlovechild

Anonymous said...

Asti Spumante at 8:52 am? Now that's the kind of readership we're looking for: Affluent alcoholics!

Nice work, Raf. My only complaint is that it's too good. You're making Paul and me look like amateurs here.

Somehow you've got to work Lenny into the upcoming episodes. He's the perfect villain in sheep's clothing. Plus, you could have his 1972-style hair duke it out with Fort's modern look. (With Gelabale as the Young Skywalker, unsure of whether to follow his idol, Fortson, or go with the Dark Lord Wilkens).

Paul said...

Hey! Don't lump me together with you, bub! Look at the cover--I helped too! (Of course, I just did a rough outline of the story--but if Stan Lee can get his named plastered on every X-men movie, then I'll gladly ride Raf's coat-tails. EXCELSIOR!)

chunkstyle23 said...

solidgold-thanks for the mayo. Everything tastes better with mayo. Keep the comments comin', B.

p-nizzle-I'm just trying to not be forgotten! Cripes, some teammate I am--I post, what, quarterly?

paul-stick with me, pal. we're taking this coattail train all the way to Burger King.

chunkstyle23 said...

oh and ryan--we accept checks, money orders, cash, and coupons for Whopper Juniors.

Thanks for reading. All two people who read this will get special shout-outs in the ensuing pages.

Anonymous said...

loved it! I thik I am going to link it to, you wouldn't mind if I linked this, right?

Anonymous said...

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Unknown said...

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